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People with diabetes (including Type 1 and Type 2) are found to be more vulnerable to develop severe form of Covid-19, especially those with uncontrolled diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes causes immunosuppression through several mechanisms which weaken the ability of immune system to fight against Covid-19 viruses once the person get infected.

According to the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (February2021), diabetics are categorised as the target group who should get vaccinated as early as possible. They are at the second phase of the vaccination programme, right after the frontliners. This indicates that they are at higherrisk of getting infected and are encouraged to get vaccinated.

Vaccine can be one of the most effective tools to protect us from Covid-19 when we are exposed to Covid-19 viruses. Vaccine works by activating body’s immune response towards foreign subjects and builds antibodies against them. These antibodies will destroy the Covid-19 viruses when the viruses entered the body which then reducing the chances of getting infected or experiencing severe complications from the infection.

The side effects for vaccination might not be experienced by everyone who get vaccinated. If they are any, it is usually mild and normally would not last longer than 48 hours.

The common side effects are:

1.     Feeling tired

2.     Headaches

3.     Fever

4.     Soreness at the injection side/arm

The side effects are the same for both diabetics and non-diabetics.

There is one important thing to take note by diabetics after vaccinated which is a raise in blood glucose level. This is due to the body immune system is reacting to the vaccine and induces some hormonal changes in the body. This action requires more energy to be used and leads to the release of extra sugar from your liver. Hence, blood glucose level might goes up after vaccination. This is a normal response. A regular blood glucose monitoring would be the right step to keep track on a good blood glucose management after vaccination.

It is generally safe for diabetics to inject vaccine because it helps to prevent severe side effect from Covid-19. However, it is always better if you could consult your personal practitioner before vaccine injection as everyone’s condition is different.

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